Sparky 😀
Age: 16
Country: India
Skin Type: I’d say a combination because it depends upon the weather. It’s usually oily in the summer and dry in during the winters.


1. Forest Essentials: Kashmiri Saffron and Neem Facial Cleanser

Okay, so this is first thing I use on my face after waking up and I love it. One of the major reasons is the scent. It’s so freaking good. Other than that, it leaves your skin all soft and glowing. Also, as a cleanser, it barely lathers, which I consider to be a plus point. However, it’s kind of expensive (Like all other forest essential products) but it’s supposed to be natural and stuff so… ^~^

2. Wild Ferns: Rotorua Mud Facial Scrub
So I started using when my mom gifted me like a set with this stuff. I use this scrub around twice a week. It’s really helpful with the pores and oil on my skin. However, it usually leaves my quite dry, so I always have to moisturiser my skin after using this. •~•
3. Nature’s beauty: Lanolin Creme
This is no different from the regular moisturising creams. You can use it on both, your face and body. Again, I began using it because my mom bought it for me. I usually use this after washing my face (And I also apply it to my arms, though). I have to keep the quantity I apply pretty low because otherwise it just makes my skin oily. However, I don’t limit myself when I’m applying this to the dry areas of my face (the area under my nose and above my chin). A plus point for this would be that it’s really smooth and has a quite nice scent. ^=^
4. Lakmé: Cucumber and Lemon Grass Sun Expert
Living in such a hot country, I always make sure to apply some sunscreen before I head out. I’ve been using this one for quite a while and I really prefer it over most sunscreens because it’s really smooth and gives you this fresh feeling after applying it to your face, which I assume is because of the cucumber and the lemon grass (Though it may feel a little sticky for a few minutes after applying). I’ve also noticed that it keeps the oil on my skin in check. *~*

5. Wild Ferns: Rotorua Mud Night Crème


I was confused whether I should include it or not because I often forget to apply it before sleeping (I have the memory of a goldfish pretty much). However, I prefer to have applied it because it keeps my skin all soft and nice. Also, my skin is less oily after waking up the next day. >~<