Age: 21 years old
Country: Dominican Republic
Skin Type: Normal


1.      Nivea Soft moisturizing cream



A moisturizing cream for face and/or body; I use it on my whole face and neck, almost every day after showering, I press with product over my face in a circular way to put it on. It is probably not the best out there but it is cheap $6, the problem with it is its smell (usually for face products it’s better to buy odorless ones), also it is a little sticky. I will for sure change to another one soon.

2.      MAYBELLINE BB cream


A BB cream is like an all in one product used to replace moisturizer, sunblock, serum and foundation. Although its best job is probably moisturizing leaving a slight tint on the face. I particularly use it sometimes after showering when I’m too lazy for makeup, but want my face to have some glow. It has SPF 30 protection, so it’s good for sensible skins. It is non greasy and with this you do not have to use moisturizer.

3.      St. Ives Oatmeal scrub + mask


As it name indicates it is an exfoliator for the skin, I use it on my face around once a week to get rid of impurities; again I apply it with my fingers on a circular fashion. I find it good for the price, I really like the cleanliness feeling it leaves. I have rough elbows, so I use it on them around once a week too, and then apply moisturizer, and it has smoothed them a little bit.

4.      Garnier clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub


Despite being called a scrub, if you have normal to oily skin, it’s fine to use it every day. It says it’s to eliminate blackheads, but it really does not. I use it as a cleanser, since I did not want to waste my money. I use it every day on my whole face and neck. I don’t recommend it if what you want is to get rid of blackheads

5.      Olay regenerist advanced anti-aging kit


This kit comes with two products, an eye cream and a lash serum; I use both every day after applying my moisturizer or BB cream. I use the serum under the eyes and eyelids, massaging each area in a circular fashion. I like it; it leaves the skin very soft and pretty. In regards of the lash serum, I use it on my upper and lower lashes, the product says it does not help to make them grow, but it has helped mine especially the lower ones, they look way pretty and longer now. I really like this product.

6.      E Oil


This is normal vitamin E oil, I use it on my lips to moisturize them; it really helps them look better. I use it every day after applying moisturizer; with clean hands, I apply a bit on them with my fingers. You can also swallow it, so it’s very handy, since vitamin E is good for hair and nails.