Age: 20

Country: Philippines

Skin Type: Oily



  • Wash or cleanse the face with the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. But I wash my hands first before anything else. As the label says in the packaging, the formula is for all skin types, mild, and non-irritating. I use it on my face and neck every morning and evening. It helps to maintain a clear complexion.


Tip: I wash my face with the product with my two little fingers in a circular inward motion. The inward motion helps for it is against the pore openings.

  • Swipe the face with a cotton pad with the Eskinol Spot-less White Facial Deep Cleanser which is a toner. Because I have dark spots from the acne I had when I was in my puberty stage I need lighten them, with this product I could do so and discard the excess dirt that the cleanser did not. I use it on my face, neck, and nape every morning and evening. It has a cooling effect on the face the after its application so wait for a few minutes until it’s gone before moving on to the next step.


Tip: Just like the cleanser, I swipe the cotton pad with the product in it against the pores motion. That way it would pick up more dirt. For example it would be upward for the nose and inward to nose for the cheeks.

  • For Mornings: After the toner, I put on sunscreen. Because the climate here in the Philippines I always hot and the sun is always beaming, I put on sunscreen for protection and to prevent any further darkening of my skin because of it. I apply it on my face and neck. I let it dry for a few minutes in front of an electric fan to speed up the process before going out.


  • For evenings: After the toner, I put on the Nivea Crème. Because I have oily skin, I only apply this during night time to hydrate my skin and combined with my oily skin it would only make my face look even oilier. As such, I only apply it during nigh time. I apply it on my face and neck before I go to sleep. A little amount is sufficient for the formula is really thick.