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Good news for latecomers 3

Hello :)

I decided that I will give one more time chance, to people who want an account (but can’t draw). Below, you can find a list of questions. If you want an account, you have to send me answers via my facebook fanpage (priv). I will accept first 20 people    200 people.

  1. How old are you?
  2. From which country you are?
  3. What I should see and taste in your country?
  4. Your other hobby than manga?
  5. Which country you want to visit and why ?
  6. Where did you read about this event?
  7. How do you know about this website?
  8. Do you read my blog?
  9. Your favorite scanlation group?
  10. Why are you good for this community? Do you have any special skills that can help others here?
  11. Describe yourself using 5 adjective
  12. Which kind of story you like to read? Give 5 tags (strong female character, from hate to love, drama, high school romance, adult, cheating, slow develop relationship and etc.)
  13. Which manga you read right now?
  14. Your favorite manga? Why is it good?
  15. What you don’t like in manga? (heroine is always weak, kabedon, she fell and he caught her, the main character is president of student council, rival = action, brother – sister love, character looks like a small child,  she touch her face to look more kawaii and etc.)
  16. Are you an active user or a silent reader?
  17. Do you read also korean and chinese comics? If yes, write titles. If not, why?
  18. Had you been in Japan?
  19. Do you buy manga?
  20. Which kind of manga fan you are? You hide it (you separate it from your normal life, you read it sometimes at home, but nothing more) or not (you have buttons, t-shirts with your favorite characters, wardrobe with manga and etc.)
  21. About what I could also ask you?

Good luck

number of people, who send message: 98