Hollow part 69 Jul13
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Hollow part 69





Do you really think that you are the master of your fate?? What would you say, if I told you that you were wrong. Akim, no longer young, but still good looking, rich man bought a new technology (machine that can cut many trees). He didn’t know that this simple decision not only will have an impact on his own life, but also change life of many others. There is also a girl. The girl, who want to discover who she really is and what is her role in this mess.


Aaron poured sugar into his coffee and watched as the white hill protruding out of the water line. What I am doing? He thought, hiding head in his hands. When Akim finds out, and he surely finds out that aunt left, he would be angry. He was sitting in a small cafeteria, located near train station and thought what to do now. Akim ordered to call Eidel’s aunt during his absence, but even aunt couldn’t stand this girl. She left, leaving him with “this” big problem. And what would have happened, if she once again had tried to kill herself? Of course, it would be his fault. He didn’t keep watch her.


From meditations interrupted him voices from the adjacent table. He raised his head and looked at the young woman, sitting next to him. She discussed with waiter.They exchanged a few phrases, after which the woman got pale.


It’s not my business. He thought, looking away. When the waiter went away, the stranger stand up and walked to the nearby table, where lay the newspaper and returned to her place, spreading it in front of her. Her behavior, astonishing Aaron. He watched how she raised the cup and very slowly took a small sip.


Aaron nodded toward the waiter.



“How can I help you, sir?”




“Do you have “The Morning Herald?”




“I’ll get it.” Answered the waiter.





Aaron looked again at the stranger, who studied last page very carefully. The waiter got him the newspaper. Aaron thanked and converted it until he found it. Work offer.



“Here we go.” He murmured and again looked at the unknown woman. He noticed disappointment on her face. He lowered his head and read title: “A strong man needed.” Involuntary he smiled and reviewed next offers. Nothing. There is nothing that could be interesting for a young woman. For a moment came to his mind a thought. Enough absurd that he laughed under his breath.



Suddenly he got serious and looked at the young woman again.
It would not hurt to try. He thought. He got up from the seat and walked to the table where she was sitting. He pushed back the chair and sat down in front of her, calling the waiter.



“We will ask two apple pie.” He turned towards the waiter.




The woman raised her sight to him and he saw pair of brown eyes.



“I suggest you set, sir. To every apple pie is coffee or tea.”



“We’ll have two coffee.” Aaron said, ignoring woman’s glance.




When waiter walked away, he turned his face toward the young woman.




“How can I help you, Mister?” She had a nice voice, a slightly lower voice. Aaron could finally get a better look at her. Under the small hat stuck gold curls. Her face was pretty. Small nose, nice mouth. She wear a white shirt and jacket in the color of blue.


“No, I would like to help you.”


“I don’t understand.” She said, frowning her dark brows. “Why do you want to help me?”


“I see that that you are looking for a job.”


The girl blushed. She quickly folded the newspaper and hid it under the table.


“I assure you that my present life situation shouldn’t bother you.”


Aaron leaned forward and turning his head toward the girl, asked quietly:


“Did the waiter order you to release the table after drinking tea?”


An even larger blush appeared on the girl’s face.


“I’m not ashamed of my present situation.”


“And I don’t judge you by it. I offer you help.”


“I’m sorry, but I’m not a tramp.”


Aaron made a face.


“Please forgive me, but you do not attract me.”


She blushed to the tip of her hair.


“Then what else would you offer to me?”


“Work. Good work, at good people’s home.”


She looked at him intensively and then averting her eyes she said:


“I have another offer.”


“Seeing, how diligently you read this newspaper and how slowly you were drinking tea, I dare say that you have no other offer and you are now poor as a church mouse.”


The girl dried her mouth with a napkin and rose abruptly. She passed him, when he suddenly caught her wrist.


“Please, let me go!” She commanded, trying to move her wrist.


“Do not make scenes. Sit down.”


She looked at the people in the room who watched her curiously.


The waiter stepped toward her, being ready settle an argument against her. She clenched her mouth and returned to her place.


“What dirty game do you run?”


“Dirty? I’m clean as a whistle. I already said I want to help.”


“What kind of work is it?” She asked, looking at him gloomy.


“You will be a lady companion.”




“No, a lovely lady.” The word “lovely” hardly get out of his mouth. “Very rich lady. You will receive good pay, food and a roof over your head. Later, I write you references. And how? Did I convince you?”


“It is rare to find such a manifestation of goodness.” She said with irony.


“That’s true.” He answered with sardonic smile. “You can talk about exceptional happiness. We haven’t fixed yet one more thing.”


“What thing?”


“Your name. My name is Aaron Girig, and your?”


“Gutmann … Igone Gutmann.” She added after a moment.


“Nice to meet you Miss. Gutmann. Do you mind started just now?”




“Yes. Do you want to bring something with you? We can stop by your house. You can take the most important things. Tomorrow I send someone for rest.”


“No, everything I have here.”


Aaron frowned his forehead and looked down at the suitcase. How he could not notice it before? The girl’s poor sense of consciousness put him in a good mood. She had a knife on her throat and with such person is easier to neglect. The waiter brought cakes and coffees. With big smile Aaron tried the apple pie, feeling pleased about the way the situation has developed.