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Wisdom is the supreme part of happiness; and reverence towards the gods must be inviolate. Great words of prideful men are ever punished with great blows, and, in old age, teach the chastened to be wise.*


She closed a book. Emotions. So many conflicting emotions mixed in her head. Thoughts, like waves, invisibly floated by wind hits a coat creating foam. Then goes back over and over, to the ocean. Ocean of feelings.

She sat on a hill, from which spread out beautiful view over the lake, meadows and forests. Wrapped by her favorite scarf, she delighted in beauty of nature, when suddenly she noticed a turning up below figure.  She watched it.  She watched every its step and when the figure was on the pick of the hill she said joyfully, shouted over separated them space :

“Praised be God!”

“Now and forever Miss Gutmann.” Answered Priest, raising up his head.  On his wrinkled, face she noticed light smile.

“What Priest doing here?” She said smiling and her eyes rested on a held by clerical big, willow basket, covered by white handkerchief.


“I stopped to pick up some herbs.”


“I didn’t know Priest know herbalism.” She didn’t hide her surprised.


“I don’t know, but my housekeeper knows. She will decide if I tried to kill us or not. Maybe, you will find some time to talk with the old man Miss Gutmann?”


She nodded her head and gently get up from a laying on the ground blanket. She fixed her dress and then beat the blanket with a few energetic movements, folded it and then, with the blanket and the book in the left hand, she came closer to the Priest, sliping her forearm into bend of his hand.


“It’s good to see you Miss Gutmann.” Said Priest, when they slowly arm in arm went to a road. “I already wrote for you a sermon. Are you nervous?”

“No.” She shook her head, still smiling.


Priest watched her carefully and then he squeezed her hand stronger. “That’s good. You shouldn’t be. You are a good person Miss Gutmann. You always participated in a mass and always give a take. I see that and our Lord also see that.  Jakow is also a good man. I pray that God will give you plenty of offspring, which singing would resound in our chapel”.


“Today, priest are very cheerful.”


“I visited old Behill. He abandoned last mass and this charlatan helped me to a glass of a cherry liqueur.”


“It had to be really good.”


“My kid, here….” he raised the basket slowly. “Here. I have bottles. The weather is still treacherous and I needed sometimes to warm myself up”. He winked at her knowingly. “O, and here is my carriage” he said pointing, staying next to an old linden  a small cart, drawn by a brown horse. On the end of the cart sat a small, freckled, red haired boy. In his mouth held he long, blade of grass and cheerfully swung legs.

“Hanek, come here quickly! This rascal…”  said Priest returning to Eli. “… not immediately go.” In the night devil will pull you by the ears!” He waved his finger threateningly to the boy. “Hop, skip, take this basket!”

Hanek started at the sound of Prest’s words and frightened quickly took from the old man the basket.

 “My uncle always said that devil will grate my heels using washboard , if I will not quickly asleep.” Said Eli.

“You are from South?” Asking Priest.

“Yes. Why Priest asking?”

“Here we say: devil will cut your heels.”He had to get on to the vehicle, when he suddenly stopped and turning to Eli said:”In three days will be meeting with forest’s administrator.”

“I know.”

“Miss Gutmann…Please, don’t get me wrong. Everybody here loves you, but please don’t involve. Don’t ask. Sometimes it’s better to keep our thoughts in heart.”

“And what with conscience?”

“God will forgive.”

“Even mortal sin?”

“Miss Gutmann… you didn’t kill this boy. You are young. Play, pleased, live! There will be time for tears.

“Really Priest think so?”

Priest looked at her carefully, frowning his forehead and with pursed lips he tried to read the girl mind. Seeing that his effort came to nothing he turned  his back on her and even not casting a glance at the young woman he get on. Making himself comfortable in the cart he shouted at a coachman and the vehicle very slowly, moved. More from habit than from his own intentions he took off his hat and then the cart speed up.

 Eli watched the departing vehicle, listing closely to the sound of horse’s hoofs , mixed with wheels’s clatter and when the cart disappeared around the bend, stunned she went forward.

*Sophocles, Antigone, http://classics.mit.edu/Sophocles/antigone.html

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