Hollow part 17 Apr11
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Hollow part 17


Short note: thanks to @Ducky for proof reading :)




She heard her name behind her back , but she didn’t stop. Not paying attention, she went on.


She wanted to run. She wanted to hide and be hidden from the whole world shout, and shout from the pain residing in her heart, when suddenly she felt fingers wrapped around her shoulder. She tried to wrench herself out, but she was unsuccessful. The hand tightened harder and harder , not letting her go. Resigned, she lowered her head, allowing the hands, as if she was a doll, return her body to the owner of the voice.


“Eli…” whispered a soft voice.


She didn’t answer. Her long, dark eyelashes glittered with tears.


“Eli…. “Whispered the voice again. “Please, look at me.”


No. Said her inner voice. She leaned her hands on hard chest and fiercely pushed away.


“No!” She shouted, at the same time sizing her opponent up. Jakow could see her beautiful, big eyes that were certainly full of pain, sorrow, and sadness.


“No!” she shouted again, choking her tears.


“Eli…” Said Jakow imploringly. “Eli please, come to me.”


Eli shook her head.


“N-no, no…!” She groaned. “You also think that I’m mad…”


Jakow stiffened.


“No, I don’t think so…. But let me hug you.”


Again she shook her head.


“Look at you. You are all trembling.” He said, slowly coming closer to her. When he was close enough to grab her, he reached his hand and loose it in her hair. Gently, he stroked her gold curls, looking at her, and his eyes only focused on one thing. They reflected his true love.”


“They think that I’m mad, but I’m not!”


“I know, I know my love, now calm down.” He said, strongly hugging her and leaning his cheeks to her head. He closed his eyes.


She hid her face in the folds of his shirt. She wasn’t fragile, to be honest, she was tall compared to the other women, but in this one moment she was so fragile, so unarmed, so unlike to herself that he felt that tears gathered in his eyes.


“They hate me now.” She said.


“That’s not true.”


“Because of me…. You will be also hated”


“What are you talking about my love?”


“You are a great man… I will hate myself for the rest of my life, because….”


“Because what?” He asked loosened his grip and gently standing back, he looked at her.


“Because I destroyed you!”


Why you care about others opinion? I love you. I want to spend  my whole life with you.”


“No… she whispered. “Love doesn’t give you food… And us…” Here, her voice collapsed again. “T-they, they will throw us out like dogs.”


“In that case we will find new home. Eli…” said Jakow, taking a deep breath. “You take it too personally. Tomorrow I will go… I will talk to the others. I’m sure that people will understand. They like you.”


“No, they will not forgive me or you, if you stay on my side.”


“That’s fine. Let them destroy me.” His voice was serious.


Eli’s lips were trembling. She took a step back, freeing herself  from his hand.


“You don’t know, what you are saying.” She said looking into his eyes and suddenly with all her might she ran forward. She ran away from this horrible place and for all, from the man who she loves.

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