Hollow part 20 Apr11
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Hollow part 20


It was surprised that death so much differed from picture for ages created by church. Firstly, death smelled. It smelled of wooden, rosemary and mint. Secondly, contrary to the generally accepted opinion, its touch was warm and soft. Thirdly, that was really strange, in its company man felt really safe. Fifthly and finally, it turned out that death was a horrible blabbermouth.


Eli slowly opened her eyes. Trying to catch visual acuity, she tried to specify who were, standing close to her, briskly talking figures, when suddenly she saw that one of them, turned her head to her. It raised hands closer to its chin and then clapped. Eli felt sharp pain in her head, as if someone sank into her body hundred needles.


“Thank goodness, she woke up…”


Eli noticed that second, higher and thinner figure came closer and leaned over her, grinning, said:


“We are brave, are we?”


Many seconds intervened before Eli realized that she was lying on her bed and from thin frames, looked at her brown eyes of Doctor Worm.


“She woke up.” Babbled Mrs Bowlin, still holding connected hands close to her face.


Suddenly Eli heard, coming from the other room nervous steps. She tilted her head a little bit to the right to better saw a door and then her eyes rested on entering the room Jakow. She told herself off for her curiosity. Awhile they looked at each other, waging internal, silent duel, until from this strange state pulled them out Doctor Worm’s voice.


“Here is our hero!” Said Doctor, straightened up, and with curved lips into a smile under his mustache he tapped the young man on the back, saying: “Love is the best signpost.”


Eli, trying to keep her proud, clenching fingers on the white duvet, turned her head and stared at the wall, coldly asked:


“What happened?”


“You had lost consciousness.” Answered Doctor. Eli turned her head again and looking directly into the old man’s eyes said:


“Is that all?”


“If you want to hear that you lost your memory, broke your legs or cut your forehead, I have to disappoint you Miss Gutmann. Maybe next time.”


Suddenly on Eli’s face appeared faint smile.


“That’s a bad luck.” She murmured.


Doctor’s eyes twinkled from amusement.


 “But we were worried sick about you!” Interfered suddenly Mrs Bowlin. “All villages looked for you.”


Doctor cleared his throat and said: “It’s time for me. Mrs Bowlin…?” He turned to the old woman. “If you don’t mind Mrs Bowlin I would like to ask you for another advice.” Saying it, he grabbed her forearm. At first Mrs Bowlin wrinkled her eyebrows, surprised this familiarity, but later on her round, good-natured face appeared a big smile. “Of course Doctor. What would you like to know?”


In the same time, leaning against the wall Jakow under his brown hair looked at Eli, which watched, leaving the room couple. When conversation between older people quietened down, Jakow breathed and gently lowered his head, then he slowly moved the hand across his face.


“Thank you.” In the room rang silent voice.


He stiffened.


“Thank you.” Eli said again.


He slowly raised his head, and his blue eyes rested on Eli’s face.


He hesitated for a moment, as if he didn’t trust his ears, and then he came closer to the bed, sitting down on it. The bed creaked under weight of his body.


“I will understand if you…” She started, not looking at him.


Jakow stared at her long fingers that nervously tightened on the bedclothes. Suddenly his hand, a little bit shy, touched her hand. This delicate, unexpected touch made that she looked at him amaze and he went into raptures about her big, hazelnut eyes. Very gently his fingers clasped with her. Still stared at Eli face, he brought closer their classed fingers to his mouth and then he kissed her hand. The kiss was very gently, but his glance made that Eli trembled.


“I still want you… I want this wedding.” He said still holding her hand close to his mouth.


“Even after what I said to you?” She said embarrassed.


“And what you said? You just ran from me. You choose the easiest way.”


“And in the end I lost.”


“I didn’t think that you will ran to the house.”


“Why you thought so?”


“Most of the people in their hard looking for loneliness.”


“But I’m not like “most”.”


Jakow smiled. “That’s true.” And his thumb started to gently touch back of her hand.


“I thought that you ran to the hill… ” Suddenly he stopped caress her skin and his lips pressed in mischievous smile.


Eli frowned her eyebrows.


“To the same hill, where a young woman some months ago arranged a very, interesting dance, removing parts of her clothes. “


In the room reigned silent. Eli felt that she blushed. It was really true that some time ago, she almost rolled on the ground, making noises, because she was convinced that bat tangled in her hair up. She was so terrified that she threw off her scarf, lost one shoe and took off her coat, because it limited her movement. Finally, it turned out that there was no bat in her hair and she…Well, her look left a lot to be desired. Her hair was messy. During the scuffle, supporting her curls hairpins loosened, letting a single strands escaped from the plait. Knowing, how misery she looked, she grab her plait or rather that what remained after it. She took off thin rubber, coming the plait free. The gold curls fell into her shoulders and back, creating a beautiful cloak.


Eli didn’t know that she was watched. Standing, behind the trees young man, watched, how girl’s hand disappeared into gold waves and suddenly he also wanted to rubbed his fingers between her hair.  His desire was so strong that he made a low, hot sound. She was so beautiful. She reminded him one of this beautiful angel,that he saw on the hanging in the church, pictures.


This view. The view of the girl with beautiful gold hair, haunted him.


“How do you know about it…Do you follow me?” Eli asked suddenly, bringing him to the ground.


“It happened to me a few times.” Said Jakow, teasing her.


“How could you.” She took her hand and with crossed hands on her breast, fell on the pillow, and with puffy cheeks, she looked to the other way.


“Like a child.” He said amused.


“You came to the hill and what…?” She came back to the cut off conversation. Although the tone of her voice was cold, her chin trembled lightly.


“I thought that I will find you there, but I was wrong…. I had time to think.” He added.


She turned her head to look questioningly at him, but Jakow as if he didn’t notice it, said further.


“I pondered, when suddenly I saw lightest and voices. At first I thought that maybe something was burning, but I can’t see glow on the sky. I ran to the young Mashboy that told me that he was looking for you from one hours…”


 “The girl?”  Eli interrupted him quietly.


“The girl.” She said again as if she was out from the deep dream. “Did you find her?!”


Jakow shook his head.


“We didn’t find her…Not yet. Night don’t favour us.” He said calmly.


Eli raised her head and with closing eyes said: “Oh Dear God.”




She opened them. Jakow noticed tears in her eyes. They hurt him. He touched tenderly her cheek and whispered:  “We can’t give up. There is always a hope, even in the worst circumstances.” Saying that, he wiped her tears with his thumb.


Suddenly Eli raised on her elbows and put out her leg on the edge of the bed. Jakow reached his both hands out and gently grabbed her shoulders.


“What are you doing?” He asked.


“I tried to get up.” She answered,snatching from his hands. She get up and then fell to the floor.


“You are weakened. You should rest in the bed.”


He get up from the bed, walked it around, bent down and picked her up. For a moment they looked at each other and then he gently put her on the bed. He covered her with a duvet. Eli felt a little bit clumsily. Jakow was like mother, caring about small child, but she wasn’t a child and thought that she had to lay in the bed frustrated her.


“Sleep!” He ordered, stroked her head. The tone of his voice, didn’t fit to the warm in his eyes.


“And you?” She whispered, taking a pleasure from his touch.


“I will stay with you.” Saying that, he brushed aside and came closer to the small desk, next to which stood wooden chair. He grab it and put closer to the bed.


“Now, I can be calm.” He said, spread himself comfortably on the chair.


Eli smiling slightly, watched him under half opened eyes and then her gaze rested on the uncovered mirror. Six weeks passed. – she thought and then she felt a deep pleasure of laying under the warm bedclothes. Wrapped in soft fabric she slept.


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