Hollow part 38 Dec19
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Hollow part 38





A ray of sunshine woke up him, looking through thick curtain. He opened his eyes and supported his weight on his elbows. He still felt taste of cigarettes and alcohol in his mouth and horrible headache didn’t let forget about night carousal. He turned his head and looked at a woman, lying next to him. The small, dark curls fell on her forehead and duvet slid, exposing her white, soft thigh. He groaned, thinking about last, common delights and he would probably woke her up to satisfy his lust, if he didn’t look at staying on the table clock that showed 7:10.


He cursed under his breath and rapidly get out of bed, looking for the lying on the floor clothes.


“Where are you going?” He heard behind his back sweet voice, when he zipped his trouser.




She frowned her eyebrows.


“But you said that chamber pot is under the bed”.


He turned to her and grinning said: “It’s broken. I will bring new one.” Saying that he opened the door and left the room.


“Felix” Said Akim, opening a door of adjoining room and seeing inside.


On the bed laid a man and on his hips bounced a woman. Suddenly the woman turned her head and smiling to Akim said: “Will you join?”. He looked over at her.  Nice ass. He thought.


“Maybe next time.” He answered, coming closer. The woman fluttered her eyelashes and flexed her body as if she wanted to punish him for refusing.  Breast also nice. Face also not bad, but there is one problem. He grab her arm and threw her off friend’s body.


“What are you doing?” asked Felix and the girl supporting her weight looked at Akim angry.


“Rather, what are you doing?” Asked Akim. “Today is important day.”


“Sssshhh….” Said Felix, reached his hands towards girl. “Don’t worry he is always like that.” He whispered in her hair, pulling her closer to himself. “Come to me, pretty.”


“What the fuck!” Snarled Akim. “Go away slut!”


“Just don’t slut!” She shouted.


“Oh, I’m sorry Mademoiselle… And now fuck off!” He grab her arm, heading toward the door.


“Let me go, you bastard! Felix…” She said turning to the laying on the bed man. “Felix do something!”, but Felix just shrugged.


“You!” She snarled. “What kind of man are you?!”


Suddenly, the door opened and in the doorway appeared red hair man.


“Gentlemen…” He started.


“That’s for you Aaron.” Said Akim, pushing into his arms girl.


“For me?” Asked the red hair man, looking at the girl. “Why do I need that slut?”




Aaron touched his cheek.


Suddenly the door of Akim’s room opened. “Darling, what’s that noise?” Said the dark hair woman, leaning out from Akim’s room. “Who are you?” She asked the red hair man.”


“Me?” Asked Aaron with surprise.


“Your next client.” Said Akim, hiding his hands into pockets. Then he bent over Aaron and whispered to his ear. “For God’s Sake, do something with that women.”  Then he turned to the women.


“Sorry ladies, but me and Felix have to talk” Saying that he closed the door, bolting it.


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