Hollow part 3 Apr11
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Hollow part 3



Akim, no longer young, but still a good looking man, sat in the first row of the balcony on the right side, having a good view on all stage. Next to him sat his wife, Eidel, fanning herself energetically with the splendid fan. From time to time she hid her face behind long, dark feathers and then her eyes rested on a young man, sitting in the stalls. Feeling her eyes on himself, he raised gently his head and looked at her. She sat sideways to him. The tight emerald dress exposing voluptuous proportions. He couldn’t take his eyes off her huge breast spilled out of a deep neckline. She pulled back her head, showing white like milk neck. Still holding the fan close to face, her fingers touched her slightly open, full lips and then her forefinger started to move along lower lip, showing her teeth and he followed her with lust eyes, from time to time taking a nervous peep at Akim, but Akim seemed not to notice them. He sat in a comfortable chair and with crossed arms watched the performance.


The theater looked more like the market than a temple of art. The arriving gentlemen behaved like merchants. They run from one place to another, taking care of their own interests and their accompanying women, looked like a parrots. All colored, excessively made-up, they sat bored, wandering eyes after gathered in the hall people, looking for lovers, husbands and sons.


The performance also wasn’t ambitious. A fat, ugly woman, stylized for a little girl, stuck out to dwarf, that hit her haunches by a pan. Every time, when the metal object touched her ass, she gave out groan, which accompanied laughter, gathered in the hall people; but Akim didn’t laugh.


At some point he raised his head and his eyes rested on the unknown young man. The man also didn’t laugh. He sat straight, having eyes on the stage, but his face didn’t express any emotion. Next to him sat very beautiful women. Akim probably wouldn’t pay attention on her, if not wonderful pearl necklace, that encircled her neck, softly falling on her cleavage.


He knew very well, how much it was worth. Who like who, but he knew the value of money excellent. Not the origin, not ancestor wealth, but fact that he could calculate, made that he was who he was now. And who was he? He was a careerist, but he didn’t like this term. He also didn’t like when someone told him that he had just luck. Maybe he was lucky, but he knew that sometimes you had to help your luck and he did it very well. Additionally or maybe this should be the most important thing, in his youth he was very handsome man, what attracted women and he used this points often.


His beauty and cleverness took him to the bed very influential and passionate widow, who introduce him to the nobility and to the land of unforgettable pleasure, but when his lovers became to more importunate, publically proving jealousy, he decided to abandon her and got married with respectable, rich lady. And this time fortunate helped him and five months after the end his stormy and long affair he married older only three years woman. Their marriage survived just four years. Akim filed divorce papers, arguing this fact, infidelity his wife and later married 16 years younger very respectable lady that at this moment sat beside him and shamelessly flirted with younger man.


Akim slowly leaned toward his wife. Feeling his breath on her cheek, she jumped in surprise, and looked at him with frightened eyes.


“Married ?” he asked her, slightly pointing the unknown woman out with his head.


Eidel looked briefly at woman and then she gave her husband mocking smile.


“Widow… and divorce.” She said, clearly amused.


Akim frowned his eyebrows, returning thought to unpleasant memories and then asked again: “And him?”


Eidel’s eyes very slowly moved on the man with dark hair. Akim felt her accelerate breath. Her pupils dilated and a soft blush appeared on her face. “I first time see him” she said after a while in a lightly hoarse voice, keeping her eyes off young man.


Feeling Akim’s eyes on himself, the young man turned his head,meeting his eyes. They looked at each other for a short time, whereat brunette nodded his head in greeting. Akim returned gesture and slightly embarrassed came back to interrupted action. In his mind he rebuked himself for impoliteness and probably he would do this longer, if not the horrible yell.


He turned fiercely and saw, standing on the balustrade man. Probably, there would be nothing extraordinary, because there were many madmen in this world, if not the fact that the man burned.


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