Hollow part 34 Dec15
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Hollow part 34


“Jakow…” – Said Gouda, hugging to his strong back.


“Stop it!” Replied Jakow, moving away.


“You don’t like me, do you? Three pregnancies are too much for you?”


“I have a fiancee.”


“She is a murder.”


“I won’t believe it.”


“Hahaha… and why they kept her?” Seeing that he didn’t respond to her attack she bit her lower lip and came closer again, putting her hand on his chest. Soon the long fingers started to move up and down and finally they slid under his shirt. “Take me with you.” She whispered, pressing her whole body against him.


He looked into her eyes. And to think that before those eyes kept him awake at night.


“It’s out of the question. You are needed here.”


“That’s not what you said before.”


“Before I said many things.”


She swiped and he cough her wrist, not letting her nails sunk into his sore face.


“Enough! You should go now!” He thundered.


“Was she good?”


He raised his eyebrows.


“Was she as good as I was?”


“I don’t know, I respect her.”


“Hahaha…”- she laughed bitter. ” but me you didn’t respect. For you I was just a slut.”


“Why are you doing this?”


“I hate you” – she hissed.


“If you weren’t with child, I would threw you long ago.”


“You bastard!” She snarled.


“I’m sick of this show.” He said, turned his back and started to pack things to a bag.


She stayed in the middle of the room and her dark eyes drilled him. He heard her rapid unequal breath, waiting for another wave of anger.


“I sent the policeman.”


He stiffened and then he slowly turned to her.


“You?” He asked, but she didn’t answer. She looked at him with the face of the winner.


He felt that his blood boiled. He approached her and grabbed her shoulders.


“Jakow…” she murmured, feeling how his fingers sunk into her skin. “That hurt.”


He shook her. “Why you did that?! If you wanted to punish me, why her?!”


“Because I love you.” She answered, crying.


Jakow shook his head.


“This is not love. This is crazy.”


“She wasn’t a woman for you.”


“It’s not for you to decide what’s good and bad for me! “


She laughed dry.


“And you said that to me? You, that left me? You dumped me, when I needed you! You choose instead of me!”




“You said that you will marry me! That you will talk with your father, but in the end I had to marry him not you! I was pregnant. That’s your child! Your son!


“Sssshhhh…” He said as if the walls had ears.


“You’re not saint. You’re not ideal!”


“For God’s sake, woman, pick yourself up! Do you want to ruin us?!”


“I don’t care. Do you hear me Jakow?! I don’t care. I hate you! I want you to suffer! I hate myself because I trusted you.”


“You really lost your mind.” He shook his head. “Think about your children!”


“I don’t care…”


“Stupid…” He said, grabbing her arm and pulling her with him.


“Let go of me!” She screamed, trying to escape herself.


“I would like…” He replied. “But on the other side.” Saying that he let her go. She hadn’t a chance to confront with him, because the door closed in front of her. She was banging on the door but nobody opened her.


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