Hollow part 4 – changes Apr11
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Hollow part 4 – changes



Human creativity never ceased to amaze him. If the man wanted to die spectacularly, he chose the right place and the right time, because the theater was full of excellent guests.

Usually, people committed suicide in solitude. Not rarely he saw a dead body in theater bathroom, but nobody did it publicly, for sure not SO PUBLICLY. Of course, forest and barn dropped out, because this places associated with villagers. A real gentleman died, inserting a gun into his mouth, putting a weapon against his temple or just shooting in the jaw. Mostly they died on their houses or in a dark alleys. Without witnesses.

Why people did that? There were different theories. God, homeland, love, honor and money. Looking at current situation in the country, he was supposed to mention just last reason, because actual people didn’t have honor, God long time ago abandoned this place, people didn’t believe in true love and they would sell their homeland for a wasted money.

Akim peeked at Eidel. She sat still with wide open eyes, staring at burning man, but Akim didn’t see fear or disgust in her eyes, rather, it were curiosity and excitement. She looked as though she considered different scenarios and he smiled, thinking how inhuman she was. Certainly, if she could decide about human fate, the man would be at the bottom. He would lie in a pool of blood and she would watch him with those excited, green eyes, gloating over his smashed body.


Akim shivered, thinking about it and again looked at man that in the same time jumped straight on terrified people.


The cold wind hit shutters with great force, putting windowpanes in tremble. Invisible hands, pushed against transparent sheet, trying to broke its defiance. In the plunged into darkness room a young women, sat at a small wooden table. Faint candle light cast shadows on her face. She fixed, wrapped around her shoulders blanket and with absent gaze, stared at an indeterminate point on the floor.


Unexpectedly, silence in the house was disturbed by sound of an opening door. The cold air get inside, recalling household that this year winter didn’t want to be forgotten. The young women suddenly stood up from her chair and turned toward the door. And when her gaze rested on the source of cold, she covered mouth by hand. The blanket fell into floor and she almost fell, taking a step back. In front of her stood tall man, holding swathed in sheet body.


Snow, covering his arms and thick clothes, made that at first time she didn’t know,who she welcomed, but seeing his light, blue eyes, she recognized Jakow, one of villager. Every morning, when she was going to school, she was watching him, working on the field with other men.


“Miss… ” said he in a shaking voice. “I found her near shed”.


She came closer and shivering hand, uncovered thin material.


All from a sudden, from her throat came out silent groan. She stood back, covering her nose, mouth and double chin by hands and then with tears in eyes looked towards man for an explanation, but in his eyes she just read sympathy.


She closed her eyes and clenched her fists. She felt how her nails sunk into her skin, causing pain.


It seems that God test me today.


She took a deep breath and then again looked at being in Jakow arms person. Her fingers gently touched something that before had to be hair and now was just their thatch. Then her gaze swept to stranger’s face.The right side was burned. The other one was covered with many scars.


She felt tears dripping down on her cheek. She raised her hand and wiped them by palm.


“Put her in my bed” she said sniffing.


She noticed that Jakow looked at her attentively. His fingers tightened stronger on girl’s body. Lifting her up slightly, he straightened and then nodded, giving young women a sign that he understand.


The young women turned back and took him to the big door.


When they were in bedroom, he gently put girl on the bed.


“We will need hot water and lots of rags” she turned toward him. Jakow looked at her and without a word left the room.


The young women sat on the bed and carefully started to take off girls clothes, when she felt something hard. She wrinkled her forehead and insert her fingers into pocket, out which she took gold bracelet. She looked carefully at it and horrible thought appeared on her mind.


Is it possible that…. no… 


From reflection roused her sound of opening door. She quickly hid jewell, between folds of her dark dress and looked at man that put on the small table, which stood near to the bed, bowl of hot water. She thanked him with a nod and set to work, applying wet rags on girls body.


At some point she smiled.


Every end is a beginning of something new



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