Hollow part 40 Apr11
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Hollow part 40



“And how? “ Asked Felix, running down auditorium’s stairs to staying in the foyer friends after finished statement..


“You are a devil. “ Said Akim, tapping friend’s back.


“I told you.” Answered Felix, grinning and pointing his head by finger.


“Who is it for?” Asked suddenly Aaron. “Why to prove those mathematical theorems? I understand that for someone it could possibly be pleasurable, but for me that was the worst wasted time of my 26 years of life.”


“Our Aaron is an ignoramus in the field of science.” Said Akim.


“Very funny Akim. I assure you that I’m not and I can math.” He said when they passed gate of the University and took to the streets. “I just like usefulness. Why do I need abstraction? Add, subtract, multiply and divide, I can. I run finance. This is a knowledge.”


“Well, with this kind of knowledge maybe you even you’ll get a reward.” Said Felix and Akim lighted under his nose.


“In your place I will publish a handbook.” Continue Felix. “Imagine this. Aaron Girig, author of textbook for elementary school. You have talent for writing.”  Said Felix looked knowingly at Akim, but Aaron didn’t notice flashes in their eyes.


“Exactly.” Said Aaron after a while, nodding his head. “People like simplicity and you, the scientist have problem with that.”


“Indeed.” Said Felix, hiding his smile.


“You always need people, who will lead you through life.”


“It’s also a true.” Answered Felix, pretending humility.


“You see. Even now, you don’t have your own opinion.”


“You are right like usual.”


“It’s a done deal.” Said Aaron, rubbing his hand. “At your place tonight.”


“At my place?”  Repeated suddenly surprised Felix.


“The book itself will note write. Maybe I have larger vocabulary than you, but I need your help.”


“Ok, but what’s in it for me? “


“I will put you as a proof-reader.”


“Proof-reader?” Coughed up Felix. “Did you heard him Akim? I have to write for him a book and he will take a credit. What a Jew! You are a true representative of your nation Aaron.”


“I will take it as a compliment. “ Clucked Aaron, watching his nails. “You see, you can made fun of us, but at least “we” create something big.


“Big?” Snorted contemptuously Felix. “Just what?”




“God?” Shouted Felix.


“Yes, God. And in whose God you believe? After all you didn’t make it up yourself.”


“Akim…” Said Felix, turning to blond hair man. “Hold me or I will kill him.”


“You know in some sense he is right.” Answered Akim.


“Ha!” Shouted Aaron, kissing Akim in the forehead.


Felix made a face.


“How could you… you are a catholic. “


“Not practicing.” Answered Akim.


“I’m a Muslim.” Said Felix proudly, nobody will spit right in my face.”


“What a Muslim?” Answered Aaron. “Your mother is a very religious catholic and you live in Christian country.”


“Here is freedom of challenges.”


“Say that further.” Snorted Aaron.


“Do you think that you can insult me?”


“Well, us,  Jews are more than you, Muslims and we were here first.”


“Ghm…” Grunted Akim. “Actually we were here first.” Said calmly.


Both man looked at him.


“That’s right.” Said Aaron. “Sorry.”


“All right, gentlemen, It’s time for me.” Said Aaron, pausing silent moment. “I’ll see you later.”


“Where is he going?” Asked Felix, when Aaron vanished in the crowds.


“To his “honest” work.”


Felix looked amused.”


“Honest?” Who said that?”




Felix laughted.


“Well, now it have a sense.”


“Akim…” Said suddenly Felix changing his tone and put his hands on the friend’s arms and looking into eyes. “Listen to me. I spoke with Professor Brownik, he said that he will plead your case. Probably, they will admit you on the last year of study.”


Akim looked at him carefully. “Thank you Felix, but I have to refuse.”


“Why?” Felix frowned his eyebrows. “You deserve this degree. You were most promising architect. Professor Snorky is a fool. Everyone knows that he don’t like you. Akim, paper is paper. “


“Thank you Felix, but in life I rely only on myself. “


“You and your honour…” He sighed with resignation.


“This is not about honour…”


‘In that case about what?” Asked stumped Felix.


“For independence.  I don’t want to owe anybody anything.”


“Ah, Akim. You are a fool, buy maybe that’s what I admire in you.”



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