Hollow part 6 Apr11
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Hollow part 6


An interior was furnished with splendour. Expensive fabrics, crystals, tassels and fringe, chesterfield and small, handmade, gold table perfectly composed with beautiful lamp covered with a floral pattern, as well as huge chandelier made of fine crystal, it gave wonderful shine, putting in exceptional mood in this dark place. Furniture in colors of brown and grey, violet and sensual red, perfectly appeared wrapped by shadow. In the middle of the room, behind big, mahogany table sat a young man. His dark, perfectly tailored tailcoat, full well composed with his shining, black like raven’s fathers hair. Seeing newcomer Joachim de Karmazin stood up and with cold smile reached his hand toward his guest.


“I’m grateful that you spared time for meeting with me Mr Engelhardt” said Karmazin. “Do you want to drink something?” He pointed a bottle of very good alcohols.


“Thank you, but I’m not drinking.”


Karmazin raised his eyebrows in question.


“If so, maybe wine?”


“I also don’t drink wine.”


“What do you drink then Mr Engelhardt?”






“I just prefer to talk about business thinking straight.” Trying to change topic of this conversation Akim said: “The house is impressive”.


Thank youAre you knowledgeable about art Mr Engelhardt ?” said Karmazin, pouring an amber liquid into his glass.


“Not really, but I painted when I was younger.”


“What you painted Mr Engelhardt?” asked Karmazin, putting glass to his mouth and taking a small swallow.




Karmazin nodded his head with recognition, replacing glass on the top. Then, he leisurely came to his desk.


“I have something you will like Mr Engelhardt.” He opened drawer and took out roll of paper that he gave to surprised Akim.


“I have to open it?”


“And why I give you that Mr Engelhardt?”


Akim’s fingers gently started to untie, limited papers cord. When cord finally throw in the sponge he saw drawing by carbon building.


“That’s my factory !”


“It’s for you.”


“For me?”


“Don’t you think Mr Engelhardt that this is interesting. The first day when I came to this town I bought drawing that showing your factory?”






 “It’s one of the oldest building in this town and the solid is also very interesting.”


“For me Mr Engelhardt it looks more like a fate.”


Akim wrinkled his forehead, then again he folded drawing and gave it to Karmazin.


“Mr Karmazin, I’m not here to talk about art, but to talk about business.”


On the Karmazin forehead apperead vertical line. He gently raised and leaned back.


“It seems that Mr Girig told you about our talk.”


Akim nodded. “Why you give this chance to us?”




“Vinkel, Kreks and Minis that are big fishes. They can offer more than we can.”


“That’s true.”


“So why?”


“Let’s say that you are very interesting Mr Engelhardt.”


Interesting? Again this word.

“I never met you.”


Interesting? Suddenly, bright as burned arrow thought break his mind. Dark haired man, with very beautiful woman in theatre. Their eyes met…. That was him.


On the cold Karmazin’s face appered smile.

“I see that you remember me now.”


“But it doesn’t make sense.”


Karmazin shook his head.


“But that’s ridiculous!” Said Akim.


Karmazin leaned against him more and looked coldly.


“I can help you Mr Engelhardt.”


“But why me? You can do it by yourself?”


“No Mr Engelhard. I’m an inventor. I create a thought that later I give others”.


“Indeed, that have to be very good idea” said Akim, looking at the the room.


“Indeed” said Karmazin, grinning coldly. “Mr Girig said you something more about this idea?”


Akim didn’t answer.


“All right, in that case please sit comfortably and listen, because the number can make impression.”



Coming back to his house Akim thought about meeting with Karmazin. Indeed, the numbers made impression. Having this kind of machine they will be able to accelerate productions, but this mean also big changes.



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