Hollow part 7 Apr11
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Hollow part 7


The first half of March passed. Long-term, constantly returned winter finally weakened. Here and there, on the frozen soil rested snow, from under, stuck out first, spring flowers. Water in stream increased and spilled meadows and pastures, creating beautiful mosaic, under which floated light fog. Mist spread its robe over pines and oaks. It knocked to households, looking for shelter from sunbeams. As if magical wand had touched it, fumes shining with warm colours, fulfilling with life country’s landscape.  Under thatch, in made from clay, leaf blade and straw nests was heard first swallow that tired of long journey, came back to their houses. On the frosted peartree’s and apple tree’s twigs, started appearing first buds and willows were covered by white, soft down. Huge oaks for many months were a protection for living, behind their roots animals.


The cold, spring wind touched her face and hair. Raised her unruly, light curls, giving colors to her pale skin. She went narrow path, bounded by old lindens. Huge trees made a big screen. Between branches shined pale sun.


For weeks passed, since when she received letter from her brother.



My dear little Eli,

Supposedly, when you will receive this letter I will be dead. When, three months ago you left our house, it was hard to convince our father, that you made a good decision. To be honest, I also wasn’t happy about that, but I couldn’t dissuade you from this idea. I would be a hypocrite, if I did that, because I first left you.  I left, because I had dreams. I was under the delusion that I could change world. But life is no fairy tale and not every story have a happy end. Living here, in this big city, I understood that the greatest enemy of man is the second man. Greed and blind ambitious made that we loosed our humanity. I couldn’t stand pain of all this people, but what is an individual, with indifference all nation? Have chance to win or dead, devoured in dark abyss? For me there is no chance. I was dead. I was defeated… but you, you my dear sister, you are still young, don’t change, fight for your ideals! Don’t let opinion of majority kill your ideals, because when at least one man in the crowd isn’t indifferent, the right could win.

Yours forever,





The next, day after sending letter Edal committed suicide. Hearing this news his father’s heart broke. Unfortunately, because Edal was a suicide, he couldn’t be buried on cementary. His sister buried him under peartree, on which branches they love climbed, when they were kids. The house was sold. The biggest amount of money that she received, she earmarked for charity. Smaller amount she located in bank. Money was not too much, but with small teachers’ salary enough for the live in the countryside.


For four weeks, every night she sat near to the girl that didn’t wake up. Every night she told her about her work with children. She described each of her students. She told what they learned, what joke they made. She told about spring. About all changes that followed. About sad things she didn’t talk. She was afraid that the bad mind didn’t cure sick girl.


Eli liked her job very much. The work with children gave her consolation and satisfaction. When she was 12, she known that she want to be teacher. After graduate from highschool, her father sent her to school for girls where she received teacher’s certificate. When she heard about vacate in small village , she decided to go to the countryside.


People there were very friendly for her. For a small amount of money she rent a room from Mrs Bowlin. Mrs Bowlin was very nice woman, but Eli didn’t want to undermine her welcome. She declared that she will pay also for unknown girl. Mrs Bowlin didn’t want to take money for her, saying that the other girl every day just laid in bed and it’s not a problem for her, but Eli didn’t want to throw in the sponge.


Dressed with brown dress and brown coat with sheepskin she run to the meeting with her students, when corner of her eye she saw, working in the field villagers. Wrapped in warm clothes, they ploughed.


Suddenly, between villagers she saw Jakow. She stopped for a moment, didn’t turn her eyes. Then she felt “treacherous” wind, which kidnapped from her head hat and floated it to the field.


“Noo….!” She shouted, trying to cough hat, but ineffectively.


 She pulled her dress up and run after the hat. Jakow throw plough and also run to catch it. The hat turned somersaults on the ground. The fate wanted that Jakow cough it first. He picked up it from the ground and gave Eli. The young women felt his gaze on her face. She noticed that his pupils widened.


“Your students bumped into real Angel”.


She even didn’t notice, when her hair slipped from bun and gently fell into her back. Shining like a pure gold, they surrounded her oval face, making halos. Embarrassed, she reached her hand toward hat.


“Rather, Jonah.” she murmured.*


The man, tilted gently his head and said: “I give a words that I see Angel.”

The tone of his voice made that she blushing. Lowering her eyes, she took a step back and said: “I have to go. My student are waiting for me.”


Suddenly, Jakow got serious.


“You have right Miss, go!”


She quickly turned back and went to the path.




She heard behind her back. She turned.


“In a five days there will be Don festival. Don’t forget to clean house.”


She smiled.


“That will not help. Spirits from all country united to give me a lessons.”


Laughing, she turned again and went to the path.




*short note: Jonah = bad luck


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