Hollow part 9 Apr11
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Hollow part 9


Villager all week intensively prepared for the upcoming festival. Fences laden with weight of duvets, blankets and carpets. On dowel or on pickets dried washed pots and clay jugs. Women bent over huge bowls and above their heads, waved laundry. On wooden benches, staying in front of houses, cooled down bread, cakes and meat. At homes wafted smell of soapsuds and fresh herbs. In corners spilled lentils and trees were decorated with red and white ribbons.  Wide opened windows and doors, invited inside.


On the day of festival, with sunrise, on hills kindled bonfires. That day cleaning, the same like quarrels were forbidden.  Until noon everyone had to take a bath in cold water and then five times hit them self  by nettles.When sun was sinking over the horizon, started procession that accompanied sounds of rattles, violins, flutes and bagpipes. The participants sang also ballads and  songs. On the front of the procession walked village-mayor with his wife, behind them walked few men, all dressed in white with flowers drew on their cheeks, holding straw dummy. The effigy was wrapped in white sheet that looks like a dress. On head she wore garland, made from dried flowers.  Children run around and unmarried men, using nettles,  lashed ankles the most beautiful girls.


When procession reached the biggest bonfire, village-mayor delivered speech and then men, which carried the effigy came closer to the fire. High flame suddenly shoot up by sparks, sizzled by fire strew dummy. Later everyone sat down to huge, full of food tables, where were eggs, bread, cakes, meat and others goodies. The important part of fears was roosted cock. People believed that eating cock’s meat could bring happiness and fertility. Ribs burned and ashes threw on fields. When everyone ate and drank well, started dances around the bonfire. People were holding hands, making big circle. Also Eli got carried away magical charm of dance. All ruddy, cheerfully she gave up sounds of the music. Not knowing how, suddenly she stood in front of Jakow.



Smile didn’t disappear from her face. With the sparkle in her eyes she raised her dress up, bowing. He also bowed and then reached his hand that she covered by her small palm.



She looked so beautiful, dressed only in white dress, with garland made from fresh herbs that he couldn’t take his eyes from her.



He felt, her thick plait, tightening around his throat, warm her hard body. He saw correctly shadows casted by long dark eyelashes. He leaded glance at as red as fragaria lips. He thought about their taste. How would be, when he could touch them? Were they soft? Warm? If they give in under the pressure of his lips? With pleasure he looked at those big and as brown as chestnuts eyes that shined stronger than millions stars on the sky.



They were so young, so beautiful…. There were just them and beating of their hearts.



When music started change he took her hand gently and took to the glade, away from people. They sat on the ground, staring at shining on the sky stars.



Suddenly Eli shivered, she crossed her arms, trying protected herself from cold. Seeing that he pulled her to himself and she leaned her head on his shoulder, breathed his smell. He smelt so good. Like wooden, rosemary and mint. She felt so safe, wrapped around his strong arms. He cuddled his cheek to her hair.



“When I was a child…” – he started slowly. “ I liked to look at night sky. I run away from home, laying on the grass I thought how it is to look at the night sky somewhere else.” He paused for a moment looking at Ursa Major.



“Now I know that in every place sky looks different.”



Eli moved away gently and looked with question at Jakow. He raised his hand and gently touched her cheek. For a moment they looked at each other, saying nothing.



“but there is no pleasure at watching night sky , without person that you love.” He felt under his fingers that she stiffened. He took his hand and turned his head in the opposite direction, playing nervous blade of grass. Then again his eyes concentrated on Eli. They both looked at each other.



“E-Eli, will you marry me?”



Eli closed her eyes. Her whole body shivered. She looked down.



Jakow’s lips, pursed in thin line. He nervously looked away and carried his body’s weight on right hand that laid in the ground.



Yes- she whispered.



Confused Jakow, again looked at her.



YES! – she throw her hands around his arms.  Together they fell down. They cried, laugh, cuddled.



It seemed that nothing can destroy their happiness, but somewhere there, not so far jealousy, sprouting grain of jealous, increased and covered eyes.


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