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How you care for yourself part 1 – face skin care cosmetics

Hello :)

I noticed that everyone here looking for new event, that’s why I decided to give you the opportunity :)

What I invented this time ? Well, this time will be more feminine (of course I’m sure that more than one man can put us to the shame hahaha :D).

You have to show us which face skin care cosmetics you use (no powder, mascara, lipstick and etc. – about them next time).

What to do?

  1. at first you have to write your nickname how old are you + countryskin type (oily, dry, normal, combination)
  2.  pictures of all your face care cosmetics + on the small piece of paper you have to write
  3.  step by step, pic of every products + what is it, where you use it (for example only on right cheek :P), when you use it, how you put them,  is it good and etc.
  4. People who want an invitation have to write that they want one.


Where send pics and info?
[email protected]


for now there is no deadline


I will public your works 😛


Raff :)