Sir Tiger’s Table

Baka description:

Meng Geum Ho, who is actually the popular author Eun Ho, transfers to a new school. Unwilling to socialize with any of his classmates, he soon gets himself a bad reputation as someone who is not to mess with. When the unpopular girl called “One” accidentally watches him beat up some guys, she runs away in fear but leaves her lunchbox behind. Meng Geum Ho finds it and searches for its owner stating that he also have a request for that person.
What could that request be? And what happens when One and Meng Geum Ho are forced to be partners on a field trip?

Hello Everyone ! :) You must know that I’m not a big fan of Manhwa. I don’t like their drawing style.( yes, I’m one of those people for whom art is very important πŸ˜› ), but they are few exceptions. One of them is Sir Tiger’s Table. Series is really great. I can recommend it ^^

If anyone’s interested, below I added link to website, where you can download v.3-4 ( first 10 chapters have been translated into English ). I know that most of you don’t like do this, but this time download is very fast , about 2 minutes.
Have fun!

Korean scans:

link here
password: love-manhwa

Other names:

ν˜Έλž‘λ‹˜μ˜ 식탁