Manhwa Aug20
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Heeeeellooo!!!!!!!! :)

Today, I want to tell you not about manga. This post will be about korean comic – manhwa.

As you know, I’m not a big fan of manhwa (but I prefer it more than manhua). I have two favorite series: Goong and SMHunter. I read also Bride of the Water God. At first it was great – wonderful art, but later plot was so complicated that’s why I dropped it. Anyway, now I have more time for myself. Because I love to look for something new I decided to check scanlation. Unfortunately, I was disappointed because I read everything that was scanlated! Then I thought that maybe I should check some manhwa. I found website, where titles were listed by rate. I started to try every title. Thanks to this website I found three titles: Lost in London, Yeonmo, Pellua Iyagi. Because it was still not enough for me I decided to visit And it was good choice. I found there title that I really liked – Night fish/Thirty:Thirsty. Guys, this post will be about two manhwa: Pellua Iyagi and Night Fish.

Pellua Iyagi


I love it! I’m totally in love in this series! I don’t like art, but story is great. At first I should say that I love story about unrequited love and this title is perfect one :3  The main girl, Orthez remarried earl from another country. She is beautiful and wealthy. She have only one wish: she want that her husband love isn’t prettier than she. To be honest, I don’t want to write about this series more, because you can find first 19 chapters on page like Mangafox  etc. or on the scanlation group website. Officially, there is 41 chapters. Because I couldn’t  wait any longer for next chapters thanks to 88218690 I bought my own volume.


Night Fish/Thirty:Thirsty



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Ah, my heart  :3 This series is a josei and it’s a romance between office lady and her boss.  I don’t know Korean. I can only tell you what I understand looking at the pictures. The heroine is 29 years old. She is working in lighting company. She have no luck in her private life. She have a boyfriend, but they don’t get along. They are more like se*x friend. In addition he betray her with the women from her job. She tried to escape from her problems working more and then romance in work begin :)

This manhwa isn’t translated into English. Chapters 1-9 (Korean) you can find here. There is 22 published chapters.

For those who are looking for some spoiler (both series) I found Korean blog, where someone show some pics, there is link for this blog: Btw. both series are published in Party magazine.

Raff :)