I asked you about writing continuation to our story. The idea is to write a story together. We choose the best continuation and later we will decide what to do with it.

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authors: Raff, Katarina Vidic

Mary is a single woman, about 30. She lives with her cat Thomas in her parents house. Her father died when she was 7. Her mother passed away a year ago. Mary’s mother always bear a grudge against her mother (Mary’s grandmother), that she couldn’t lived how she wanted to. She wanted to protect her daughter (Mary) from the same miserable life, but she couldn’t make it.

After mothers death the only reason what kept her alive is her cat Thomas that she loved dearly. But today is extremely painful day. She couldn’t bear the emptiness of her life in this cheerful time of year. She is tired waiting the day when death finally come for her so she decided to embrace the death herself. Climbing to the rooftop she noticed many people who possessed shining smile. “Ah, yeah”, she remembered,” Today is New Year”, but it doesn’t mean anything to her because she didn’t feel hope not even fear from jumping. She closed her eyes and she was ready to free herself from this cruel world but one word change everything “Stop”. She opened eyes and saw handsome man with messy black hair and green eyes like Thomas.

Stories group 2/2

Random order

Story 7

Sitting there, with a carefree attitude while smoking his cigarette.

“can’t a person have a moment for himself? Just when I am about to rest for a bit ” the man sigh irately and raise up on his two feet and light out the cigarette butt he just throw with his shoes.

“oi, woman what are you trying to do?” his presence surprise Mary that she almost slip off from the balcony.

But a hard powerful force swiftly grab her hand and pull her over, “damn it, I almost had a heart attack!” he angrily told her without realizing that he had her embrace in his sturdy chest.

Without another word, Mary tears fall from her cheek.

“w-what!? Hey hold on now. Why are you suddenly crying!?” he asked panicky but Mary herself didn’t knew why she was crying.

After a few moments, she finally stops crying while the messy hair man watches her swiping her tears with the handkerchief he gave her.

“t-thank you” Mary weakly thank him and now that she got a clear look at him, Mary was once again awe at his deep emerald green eyes.

“what are you doing here, lady?” his voice seems softer from before but he still have that stir look on his face “aren’t people like you suppose to be with their love one or something during this kind of day?”.

“I don’t have anyone” Mary softly replies “what?” he asked but once again he couldn’t hear her “if you want to say something speak up, I can’t hear anything with that kind of reply”

Irritated by his words something snap inside Mary “I said I don’t have anyone! Why is everyone else happy while I am at home alone with no one but my cat! T-that why I thought that I should just go and jump off this building but some idiot just stop me!” she angrily answer while gasping for air.

“whoa you got a serious problem lady. Just killing yourself for that kind of reason” he gave a weak reply that somehow piss her off.

Who the hell does he think he is!? Mary thought furiously.

Not only did he halt her from killing herself, now he making her angry.

That’s it! I am going to kill myself somewhere else, she told herself and quickly raise up and walks away before the same force that stop her from falling grab her “where do you think you are going?” the man asked suspiciously without letting her go.


Story 9

It took her a few seconds to completely take her eyes off the stranger who was standing right in front of her. Suddenly she gasped as she realized that the man wasn’t actually standing on his own feet but rather flying in the air. “Before you’re going to end your life here”, the man said as he turned into ashes then reappeared right behind Mary, which almost caused her to fall down if he didn’t manage to catch her wrist in time. “I’d love to take you to this place first”, the green eyed man continued with the chesire cat grin formed on his lips. Mary took a deep breath to calm herself down and spoke in a not very amusing way, “You should introduce yourself first if you want to ask a lady out, sir”. He chuckled softly at her words. “Well, call me whatever names you like, milady”, the man stopped for one or two seconds and continued, “Now, shall we?”. Mary nervously looked at the handsome man whose hand was holding out for her for a moment but finally decided to take his hand as a yes. “Thomas”, she said with confidence, which took the black haired man by surprise. ‘Thomas’ smiled gently at Mary with a nod. Without exchanging more words, he led her flying into the sky and they both disappeared in the air.

Story 22

He approached her quietly and clutched her to his breast. She was astonished and said, “Excuse me,sir. Will you leave me alone? I’m doing what I want to do.” “No. I won’t let you go. Your mother’s effort will be nothing.” he said and hold her tightly. She was confused that she couldn’t believe to hear about her mother from the stranger. However,somehow she felt nostalgic warmth in his arms. The feeling was like in a warm hug from her mother. There was a sudden flow of tears from her eyes. She wept over her sorrow. Then he cheered her up,”Be strong,and you’ll be able to open up your delightful life.This is your mother’s wish,right?” His phrace sank into her heart. “Yes…Thank you.” she answered. “Sir,could you tell me your name…”, when she asked his name, she felt suddenly dizzy, and fainted…
Time passed a little, she woke up with better feeling. “Ah…”,she thought that was a dream. Then Thomas patted on her cheek. “Come on,Thomas”,when she was going to cuddle Thomas,she found a gold ring with a beautiful green (the same as the man’s eyes.) stone on her left little finger. “What’s this?”

Story 11

The man’s sudden appearance shattered her focus of sadness, and she began to feel the fear of jumping, but the dread of living was still at large. So, before she could second guess herself, she lets loose all her emotions in one loud wail and she lets herself fall from the roof. She plunges headfirst to the ground, the man runs to catch her before she jumped but was to slow, tears of joy steaming from her face as she remembers all the happy times she had with her mother and how she will get to see her again. Suddenly she feels a warm sensation around her as a pair of arms gently wrapped around her, holding her tightly the the owner’s chest. Mary opens her eyes to once again find herself face to face with …

Story 16

Mary fell silent, staring at the handsome man without blinking. Her expression was blank. After what seemed to be a long time–and he didn’t say anything else, anyway–she spoke quietly, “Who?” The man didn’t answer right away. Only then in a very uncannily familiar way, he smiled. He looked as if he was saying something, but Mary couldn’t hear any syllables. It was probably because of the wind, she thought to herself. “Whatever,” she muttered to herself, glancing at the man once again before she turned her head to the road below. That man wasn’t the reason why she came all the way to the rooftop. Stick to the plan, Mary, she told herself. Once again Mary closed her eyes, but then she heard that man’s voice again, gentler than before. “Mary, it’s me…”

Story 1

 “Thomas…” she whisper. She was very shock that this man has the same eyes and hair as her cat Thomas. As from the shock, she step back one step but there no floor any more so she start to fall down. “Ahh..” she scream. Suddenly that man run to the rooftop and gap her hand. “Hang in there, I will pull you up” The man said. She was very heartbeat and shock. When she was save and carry down from the edge of rooftop, she look closely to his eye. At that moment, she saw the image of her cat Thomas appear at that place instead of the man. “Are you my Thomas” she ask him. The man was smile with both his mouth and eye and say back to her. “Yes, I’m your Thomas”

Story 19

“Please don’t go!” The handsome man continued to speak. Mary, who was still wide-eyed, feeling bewildered, didn’t respond- she questioned whether this man is Thomas or not, but logically there’s no way something like that could happen, do they? The man suddenly hugged Mary tightly. “I… finally have my wish to be a human. I’ve always wanted to make you happy, and I figure one absolute way to do that is for me to be a human, that’s why.” The man stared down at Mary’s eyes before he continued his speech, “if you’re gone, my wish will be ashtray, isn’t it? Please, please stay, Mary…” Mary, who was being hugged tightly finally spoke. “Thomas- Is that you…?” She asked, still doubting whether she was seeing reality or not.The man nodded. “Yes!” He replied cheerfully. “But… I only have two weeks before I turned back into a cat again…”

Story 20

She was bewildered at the sudden scene that took place. “W-why?” The man stared at the starry night sky, “Live for those who love you.” “E-excuse me?” He looked at her soulfully, “Do you think no one is going to notice when you disappear?” He started to walk towards her and stopped at a few feet. “Why is it that you want to die?” She was taken back by the question but then hugged her knees and decided it was pointless, “I live in a world where accomplishing expectations is inevitable.” “A gurdian of yours choosing your future, I assume?” She nodded her head. “Then-,” she looked at him as he stretched his hand towards her “,-let me help you make up with your Present.” She widened her eyes. And for a brief moment, it was as if time had stopped, and she had a feeling that the only way to free herself was to take his hand- the hand that she felt would lead her to a world unknown. With conflicting emotions, she took his hand…. Too bad that the moment she touched him, it was already too late for her realize that time itself really did freeze.

Story 3

…but one word change everything “Stop”. She opened eyes and saw handsome man with messy black hair and green eyes like Thomas…

-The man took her around the waist,holding her tightly. “What the hell are you doing? Are you out of your mind?” He snapped. Mary was shocked. “What just happened” she thought…

He helped her to sit down. Mary tried to catch her breath. “I would be dead by now” was the only thing she could say. Instantly she burst into tears. The man sat beside her, with his hand on her shoulder. “Its okay” he said. “Its okay now, I’m not gonna leave your side until I’m certain you’re not gonna do that again.” After few minutes Mary calmed down. She lifted her head, trying to see the face of the man who saved her from herself. As she locked up, she saw a handsome man with beautiful facial features and perfect green eyes. She had a feeling she saw this person somewhere before. He was already looking at her.”Are you okay?” he said. Mary could feel the blood rushing to her cheeks. Her heart was pounding so fast. “y..yeah” She jumped to her feet nervously. “I’m sorry…”
She looked at the figure who sat on the floor near where she sat, visibly shaken.”Why are you apologizing to me? You almost killed yourself. Why? Why would you do something like that? He was angry. He quickly got up, headed for the stairs, taking her hand and dragging her with him.

Story 6

“You still have something to do tonight, so you can’t.” She blinked in confusion, and looked at him for many seconds. She then realised she was caught during an act she still wanted to follow, that some people would find unreasonable and selfish. And the messy haired man could be one of those. Opening her mouth to speak, she was silenced as the man interrupted. “You can do that another day. But tonight, you still have to feed me”.

“Wha-what?”, she asked, while taking a step backwards, too near the edge now. Half of her left foot was touching the air, and she gulped. Trembling, for her previous movement has now added the fear she didn’t feel a minute ago, she looked over her shoulder and closed her eyes in fear. “Yesterday,” he started, again, “you said you were going to feed me something special for New Year’s Eve”.  Mary stared at him in disbelief. Did the man understand the situation at all? Frowning, she decided to take a step forward now, standing firmly, hiding the fright her heart felt at that moment. Maybe tonight wasn’t the night to leave. “Yesterday?”, Mary asked, while thinking about what and who she met the day before.

Story 5

“Oi”, he repeated again. Mary couldn’t believe what she saw, she looked directly into the eyes which she had already seen a hundred times. She opend her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. “What do you think your doing?”, he clicked his tongue and wrinkeld his eyebrowes, like he used to do it everytime something wasn’t like he wished for. She squint her eyes “No way!”, she told to herself and slowly snitched on him again. “Do you lost your voice or what?”, after this sentence Mary opend her eyes immediatly. “I…you!”, she stutters.  “So it’s still there!”, he smirked, it was also the same attitude Mary was familiar with. “Thomas?”, she was more asking that than knowing it would be him.
“You used to call me so!”, he answered anerved and saw how she suprised about the response. Mary turned completely his way, she wanted to step down from the pedestal, but her feet slipped and she knew for sure, it was over. Before finding out if Thomas appeared as a human beeing right in front of her eyes, or if this was just a bad joke. “What the heck are you doing?”, his voice rised, she felt a hand arround her wrist and suddenly she was pulled back. His black hair right infront of her eyes, the same smell of the shampoo she was using to wash his fur. This couldn’t be ture.

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