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authors: Raff, Katarina Vidic, Veilan, Fruitspunch07

Mary is a single woman, about 30. She lives with her cat Thomas in her parents house. Her father died when she was 7. Her mother passed away a year ago. Mary’s mother always bear a grudge against her mother (Mary’s grandmother), that she couldn’t lived how she wanted to. She wanted to protect her daughter (Mary) from the same miserable life, but she couldn’t make it.

After mothers death the only reason what kept her alive is her cat Thomas that she loved dearly. But today is extremely painful day. She couldn’t bear the emptiness of her life in this cheerful time of year. She is tired waiting the day when death finally come for her so she decided to embrace the death herself. Climbing to the rooftop she noticed many people who possessed shining smile. “Ah, yeah”, she remembered,” Today is New Year”, but it doesn’t mean anything to her because she didn’t feel hope not even fear from jumping. She closed her eyes and she was ready to free herself from this cruel world but one word change everything “Stop”. She opened eyes and saw handsome man with messy black hair and green eyes like Thomas.

Sitting there, with a carefree attitude while smoking his cigarette.

“can’t a person have a moment for himself? Just when I am about to rest for a bit ” the man sigh irately and raise up on his two feet and light out the cigarette butt he just throw with his shoes.

“oi, woman what are you trying to do?” his presence surprise Mary that she almost slip off from the balcony.

But a hard powerful force swiftly grab her hand and pull her over, “damn it, I almost had a heart attack!” he angrily told her without realizing that he had her embrace in his sturdy chest.

Without another word, Mary tears fall from her cheek.

“w-what!? Hey hold on now. Why are you suddenly crying!?” he asked panicky but Mary herself didn’t knew why she was crying.

After a few moments, she finally stops crying while the messy hair man watches her swiping her tears with the handkerchief he gave her.

“t-thank you” Mary weakly thank him and now that she got a clear look at him, Mary was once again awe at his deep emerald green eyes.

“what are you doing here, lady?” his voice seems softer from before but he still have that stir look on his face “aren’t people like you suppose to be with their love one or something during this kind of day?”.

“I don’t have anyone” Mary softly replies “what?” he asked but once again he couldn’t hear her “if you want to say something speak up, I can’t hear anything with that kind of reply”

Irritated by his words something snap inside Mary “I said I don’t have anyone! Why is everyone else happy while I am at home alone with no one but my cat! T-that why I thought that I should just go and jump off this building but some idiot just stop me!” she angrily answer while gasping for air.

“whoa you got a serious problem lady. Just killing yourself for that kind of reason” he gave a weak reply that somehow piss her off.

Who the hell does he think he is!? Mary thought furiously.

Not only did he halt her from killing herself, now he making her angry.

That’s it! I am going to kill myself somewhere else, she told herself and quickly raise up and walks away before the same force that stop her from falling grab her “where do you think you are going?” the man asked suspiciously without letting her go.

“Were you thinking of doing the same thing somewhere else?” he interrogated.

Mary grit her teeth, irritated at having been found out so easily by a complete stranger. “It’s none of your business,” she retorted. “Now if you’ll excuse me—” She tried to escape once more, but the handsome stranger’s grip remained firm.

“Actually, it is my business,” he replied, tone matter-of-fact, “considering the fact that your dear mother assigned me the task of protecting you, and all.” Mary thought she detected a hint of sarcasm in the word “dear”, but was immediately sidetracked by the mention of her mother.

How did he know her mom? And what did he mean he was supposed to protect her?

“Look,” Mary started, all too aware of how close they were standing to one another, “I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing here, but I don’t need protection. Especially not from a person I’ve never even met up until a few minutes ago.”

The stranger shook his head as though Mary were even more of a disappointment now than when she’d been planning to jump off the building earlier. “‘Just met’? I must say, I’m insulted. Do you honestly mean to tell me that you don’t recognize your own cat when you see him?” When Mary’s expression remained blank he gave an exasperated sigh. “It’s me. Thomas. I didn’t want to have to do this considering how long it’s been since I was allowed to be in my human form, but it seems I have no other choice.”

The stranger closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and in the blink of an eye Thomas—the cat Thomas—was in his place.

Gasping, Mary instinctively took a step backwards in surprise, unaware just how close she had been standing to the building’s ledge as she lost her footing. Mary’s arms pinwheeled as she tried to regain her balance, searching for something—anything—to grab onto, but it was too late. She could already feel gravity tipping her backwards towards her doom…

And that’s when the human version of Thomas rematerialized before Mary, seizing her by the upper arm and saving her life for the second time that night. Thomas’s mouth twisted into a playful smile, barely restrained amusement dancing in those green eyes of his. “Looks like you weren’t quite ready to die after all, huh?”

“H-How did you—?”

“Because a curse was put on me,” he answered before she could finish.

“Curse?” Mary echoed. She seemed to be restricted to using only broken up sentences in her shocked state.

“Oh, did I not mention it before?” Thomas said, cheerily. “Your mother was a witch who put a curse on me,” he informed her. “And you’re a witch too. There’s no time for dying now. This adventure’s just getting started.”

Story 24

“Shit shit shit. Don’t do this to me now; your dead mother will rise up again to torture me,” screamed Thomas as he tried to revive an unconscious Mary lying in his arms and at the same time fighting the thought of the day that he was cursed by Mary’s mother.

He looked at Mary’s helpless face wrought with all her loneliness and it brought back memories of the day he saw her for the first time – she was a beautiful, smart and confident 21 year old, just graduated from university and he was a rich, spoilt heir to a fortune, who always got what he wanted. He was driving his car recklessly when he bumped into her brand new car that her mother had gifted to her on her graduation. She walked to his car, and kicked open his door demanding an explanation. That is when he first saw her and thought, “what an impudent bitch!” “Do you know who you are messing with?”, Mary asked. “That’s supposed to be my line, don’t you think?” he replied haughtily. Disgusted with his arrogance, Mary punched his chest with her elbow and held him pinned to his seat, and with the other hand reached in to pull out his car keys and to his disbelief, walked to her car and drove away, taking his car keys with her. What the hell, who does she think she is? Thomas was, for the first time, surprised to find a woman who did not succumb to his authority nor good-looking face. I need to find her; if not to get my keys back, at least to make her mine. Little did he know that this resolution of his would actually lead him to discovering the mysterious world she belongs to and being turned into her cat and not being able to speak up about anything, until the moment arrives; all because he wanted to pursue the daughter of Claudia, the most powerful witch in the world.

“Uh.. Mom…no…why…new year…couples…jump…Thomas…human… Gasp! W-w-w-w-witch???”, a bewildered Mary screamed as she slowly gained consciousness.

Story 41

“Wait… Wait! I couldn’t get you. Am I what?  A witch, huh?” she still doubted him, and she add “If I have used my spell,I could have a wonderful time like before my father’s death.”

He fastened his green eyes on her, “I know it was an admirable family… Well…listen, your mother also put a curse on you. She sealed your power to protect from your grandmother’s assault.”

“It seems you know something about my family well. Could you tell me what is happening around me?” She started to open up him.

“OK. you’re from one of the greatest witch lineage, especially your mother and grandmother were very famous for sensible witches…” He began to narrate.
“One day when you were four, you brought one forbidden witchcraft book from somewhere. We had never read it before, so we were captivated by its mysterious power. The book seduced us into opening it. All of a sudden, your grandmother stopped us and took it away somewhere. After the happening, she changed into a cruel witch. She ravaged her graveyard to deprive of the magical power for her ancestors. Then all her relatives who have magic power died of a mysterious death.”

“A mysterious death?” Mary asked.

“Suicide…” he answered.

“What!? Oh no! It can’t be true…” She was shocked because the cause of her parents’ death was suicide. And she was going to do.

“I suspect your grandmother was linked directly with those incidents. Your parents’ death is also…”

“You mean…grandma killed my parents…right?” She said it directly.

“…Yes…” he answered.

“So what made her changed? What does she want?” she asked him seriously.

“Your mother mentioned before her death, your grandmother is aiming for being Gaia.”


“The witch who completes collecting her family’s soul gets the immortal power. We call the witch Gaia. She can make herself the conqueror of the earth. I guess the way being Gaia was written in the book you found.” He replied.

“She read the book, you think.”

“Yup. And you are the last survivor in your family.”

Story 28

Mom?”, as the little girl went to the bathroom, she saw her mom mixing something while holding a ball of fur.

“Hear my call, Hear my voice”, then poof, something is glowing.

“Mommy what are you doing?” the little girl asked while entering the room,  and scratching her eyes.

The middle aged girl immediately packed her things and covered it with cloth. Much to her dismay.

“Oh dear you’re awake? Its just 5 am in the morning, you should sleep again.” the mom said.

Yawning, the little girl walked towards her mother and saw something moving underneath the piece of cloth.Out of curiosity,she tried to remove the cloth, but it moved away from her.

“Am i dreaming?” she whispered.

“If you are wondering about what i am doing” giving her sweetest smile, the mother removed the cloth and grabbed all the things that was hidden under the piece of cloth.

“Happy Birthday my lovely daughter! Here’s my gift. Be a good girl always. Remember that mommy loves you” while kissing the cheeks of her daughter.

” A  cat! Thank you mommy! You’re the best!”, the happiness of the little girl caused her to hug her mom very tight.

” This cat will protect you always and heres my other gift too.”

The little girl wondered why is her mom giving her that thing.

“A notebook? What am going to do with this?”she tried to open the notebook, but it is sealed. ‘It is locked”

The mother smiled, ” You’ll know someday. So what is the name of your cat?”

” Hmm. I think i will name her Thomas!” then everything went black..

Mary opened her eyes. ” A dream?”


Story 31

Mary shot her eyes open then instinctively sat up from the bed; sweats starts to form in her face as the picture of the handsome man who claimed to be her cat (Thomas) flashed through. She took a deep breathe in then release it afterwards in relief thinking that everything that she experienced was all just a dream.

“You’re already 30 Mary, so dreaming weird things don’t suit you now,” she told herself face palming at the thought. Mary was about to move out from the bed when she realized that she couldn’t do so, it was as if something was holding her waist back from the bed. She didn’t hesitate to look down but then that caused her shock seeing an arm wrapped against her own waist. “What th-,” Mary couldn’t finish her words since the arm moved and released her waist. She saw how the arm went into hiding in her very own blanket.  This made her gape for an instant as her heart starts to pump like crazy. So basically, Mary was instantly frightened knowing that a stranger was sleeping in her bed. She’s now mentally panicking as how and why was a stranger inside in her house. It was nerve wrecking in her part as she doesn’t remember anything except for the weird magical dream she had in her sleep. She keep her mouth shut and reached out for the lamp placed near her, holding it tightly, Mary then hit the unknown person and immediately moved out from the bed.

“Arrgh…what was that?” the unknown person hissed in pain sitting up from the bed and taking off the blanket that covers the stranger only to reveal the face of the handsome man in her so called dream(?).

“W-who are you? Why are you inside my house and how did you get in here?” Mary stepped back still holding the lamp in her hands ready to hit the man.

The stranger who seemed to have recover from the pain just threw her an incredulous look, “you forgot what happened last night?”

Mary froze at the question, it was only then she remembers that she was actually planning to commit suicide until a man stopped her, she blinked and shook her head putting the thought aside, “j-just get out!” Mary shouted tightening her grip at the lamp. “Get out!”

“Wait…wait…” the stranger tried to protest but Mary didn’t bulge and still continued to shove the man out, “i-it’s Thomas your cat, you remember?”

Story 8

“WH-WHAT? I’m a witch? What are you talking about?” Mary raised her voice and stared into his deep green eyes to see whether or not he is teasing her.

The man who said he was Thomas kneeled down and kissed her hand. “Yes dear, you are a witch.” He replied and gazed at her playfully. “Your family was inherited the witch blood and your mother was the queen of the witch world. Now that you’ve reach the age of 30, you will have to come with me as a new queen” He answered, reaching out his hand toward Mary. “I will tell more about this, but we need to be hurry. Come with me” He said.

“You gotta be kidding me!” She shouted. Mary distanced herself from the man. “I’m not going anywhere with you. I have never heard of all these things before.. How am I suppose to believe?” She cried.

“Mary, you need to listen.” He said it seriously. “After all these years I have been with you, you know that I care for you right? I know you have been through a hard time and this is hard to believe, but we are like family, I would never have a wicked intention toward you” He looked into the eyes of Mary, showing his sincerity.

Mary closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down, thinking about all those time she had spent with Thomas. He is the only who stay by her side when she is sad. He is her only precious family that is left. “Okay. I will believe you.” Mary walked to him and grabbed his hand tight. “Let’s go to the witch world”…

Story 17

“What curse?”, said Mary. “Well, let’s just say I was a close companion to your mother. Then, something bad happen, she decided to put a curse on me,” said Thomas, staring into Mary’s eyes. “Your mother knows that after she passed away, your life will be filled with emptiness, and you will ended up losing hope.”, Thomas continued, with a softer voice. Mary kept quiet, then decided to open her mouth, “You mentioned something about an adventure, what kind of adventure?”. Thomas, who was trying to balance on the building ledge, replied, ” Once, there were two coven of witches, the Sapphires and the Amethyst, both clans live in a happy life. Until your grandfather, who was part of the Amethyst clan, suffered from a serious disease and was on the verge of dying. Your grandmother could not bear to see your grandfather dying, so, she stole a powerful amulet, which belongs to the Sapphires. Soon, your grandfather was cured, but the witches of Sapphires were losing their powers, because the amulet that your grandmother stole helps to preserve them(their powers).” “Why didn’t my grandmother quickly return the amulet to them?”, asked Mary, curiously. The expression on Thomas’s face changed, looking rather serious, “Because your grandmother became greedy. She hid the amulet safely, after knowing how powerful it is. The Sapphires declared a war against the Amethyst. Desperate, your grandmother quickly fled to the real world, bringing the amulet with her. Till now, the Sapphires and the Amethyst are enemies, and now that they know that you are the descendant of your grandmother, they will find you,”. “Now let’s not waste time and quickly search for that amulet, together.”

Story 23

Shortly after that, on the sofa in front of the sizzling fireplace, sat a flustered Mary, completely baffled by what she had just seen moments earlier. Questions were hectically swirling inside her mind “My mother was a witch?”, “Thomas is actually a human?”, “And I’m a witch too? Does that mean I can use magic?”,… As she was frantically searching for answers in her newly-reversed world, Thomas, now in his human form, his emerald green eyes reflecting the fiery colors from the crackling fireplace, approached her with a glass of hot milk. “Here”, he softly spoke to Mary, who was clearly so immersed with herself to notice his presence, “Hot milk with cinnamon and honey, your favorite. This should put you to bed soundly.”

“As if I could, with all these mysteries shrouding my head”, she thought, almost resentfully, looking up to the messy-haired man, whose eyes seemed to directly penetrate her mind. The corners of his mouth widened into a mischievous grin:”Okay, okay, guess it’s about time for some revelation.”

Placing himself comfortably next to her, Thomas continued “Hmmm, how do I start… Ah, first, let me properly introduce myself. My name is Thomas Ambrosius, the proud descendant of the famed wizard Merlin.”

“What the—”  Mary gasped, utterly flabbergasted. Thoughts once again came flooding her mind, more violently than ever. “Now my cat is not only a human, but a wizard?”

Thomas, however, ignored her shock, and nonchalantly continued “ My family was intimately bonded with yours, as we are both ancient wizarding bloodlines. And it has become a tradition that descendants of our families marry, so as to preserve the precious magical blood. Your father, Edward, was my uncle. He was a martyr of the Great Wizarding War, which commenced 23 years ago. Afterwards, —“

“Stop!”, Mary, now completely crushed by the amount of information, forcefully interrupted. “How come I’ve never been told anything about this before? Furthermore, how am I supposed to believe your words?”

“Okay, I’ll show you evidence right now”, Thomas mildly replied to Mary’s furious blaze, with a wait-for-it tone of voice. He got to his feet, walked towards the fireplace, and pushed the outermost brick on the left corner.

With a rumbling sound, the wall behind Mary slowly slid aside, revealing a small, wooden staircase.

Story 40

Mary’s mother would be her normal life

so she put a curse pet cat named thomas protected with mary fled his parents because they want to have a normal life

her grandmother because she wanted to pass her power to granddaughter

Now she finds her grandmother to be the heir of his power

so that their family is a witch  Now she finds her grandmother to be heirs of the power he inherited protects mary thomas

because protect by thomas  mary not realize that  she fall in love with thomas.

Story 25

Mary’s 30 years were uneventful; She had no friends let alone boyfriends, she tried her best in school and barely had any interests, much to her adventurous mother’s demise, but despite all that, Mary was content and accepted her life.

Her days consisted of working as a florist a majority of the day and watching TV for the rest, with Thomas in her lap she waited for her mum, even now, a year after her departure… But suddenly being told that she was a witch, now that was one thing she could not accept.

She was always doubtful; Why did her mother run away from home? Why did the family have a flower shop? Why did it grow strange herbs as well? And how had Thomas exceeded the average lifespan of a cat? — Somehow, the pieces started to fit together. And now even more questions started to form.

However, there was one question that plagued Mary’s mind the most.

‘Thomas, you know what happened to my father, don’t you? Where is he? He’s not dead, I know it! I never had the chance to ask my mother but you know, don’t you?Tell me!’ Thomas averted her gaze. Suddenly, black smoke surrounded Mary and a figure appeared from within.

‘Thomas! It certainly has been awhile. It took me forever but I finally found you, now that the seal is broken. Though it did last longer than expected’. She walks towards me, her silver eyes, lifeless yet allowed a piercing glare. ‘Mary, I presume. I am your grandmother. And as for your questions, I have all the answers Mary awaited her grandmother’s response. ‘Oh, I spent ages gathering all this information, you really don’t expect me to tell you, do you? You’re going to have to work for it.’

Story 1

Seeing the bewildered look on Mary’s face, the man (or cat?) snickered. “Look lady, I’m certain that you are very confused right now, but may I suggest that we go inside? It IS winter if you haven’t realized it yet and it’s freezing,” Thomas told her with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. He went to grab her wrist but she swatted his large hand quickly.

“You’re telling me, that my mother who died a year ago, is a freaking witch? And you’re also telling me that I am too? Granted seeing a man transform into a cat is probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, but that is just insane! How can you expect me to believe that!?”

Thomas looked at her for a moment and then he shook his head with a sigh. “Before your mother died, she gave you some kind of gift, a necklace, if I’m not mistaken? And your mother instructed you not to use it on public, did she not?”

“H-How did you know that?” Mary widened her eyes.

Thomas smirked, “I will tell you everything about it if you agree to go inside.” He gestured her to follow him and Mary is too curious to not to do so.

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