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Stories finals – Let’s write story together

I asked you about writing continuation to my entry story. The idea is to write a story together. We choose the best continuation and later we will decide what to do with it.

I received 45 of your stories. I randomly divided them (RAND() in Excel) into 5 groups of 9 stories each. We chose the best story from each group. Now we will choose the best one from 5 groups. We vote using poll on the bottom of this page. You can vote till December 30 12:00 pm (UTC/GMT).

Results of the last vote:

Group 1:

Story 35 (21 votes)

Group 2:

Story 13 (17 votes)

Group 3:

Stories 26 and 42 were joint winners (6 votes)

Group 4:

Stories 45 and 30 were joint winners (9 votes)

Group 5:

Story 15 (10 votes)

Now we choose the best one from 7 stories.

Stories finals

Random order

Entry story:

“Mary is a single woman, about 30. She lives with her cat Thomas in her parents house. Her father died when she was 7. Her mother passed away a year ago. Mary’s mother always bear a grudge against her mother (Mary’s grandmother), that she couldn’t lived how she wanted to. She wanted to protect her daughter (Mary) from the same miserable life, but she couldn’t make it…”

Story 45:

Mary’s family have been cursed by a cat spirit for many generations. The cat, Thomas, who Mary lives with is underling of the cat spirit who cursed Mary’s family and Thomas reports to the cat spirit everything Mary does, and Mary is unaware of it. The reason why Mary’s mother, Jessy, bears a grudge against her mother (Mary’s grandmother) was because she didn’t tell Jessy that if she didn’t get married and give birth to a child before she turns 33, she will have a horrible love life – reason of Mary’s father’s death when Mary was only 7, making Jessy unable to live the life she wanted with her family thus, living a miserable life. Jessy hope to protect Mary by telling her about the curse on her 29th birthday but ended up in a fatal accident. However, on her mother’s (Jessy’s) funeral, her grandmother told Mary about the curse. What would the now, 30 year old, Mary do to end the curse that has been passed down for generations?

Pigpig Doll

Story 35:

By the help of an angel named Lily, her mother came back as a cat who’s currently under Mary’s care! With a disadvantage of being a cat whom humans can’t understand, how will she able to protect her daughter (Mary), from the dangerous side of the world? The story continues as an optimistic single woman Mary who dreams to have a happy family someday, little by little gains friends, and.. suitors? How will Mary face an outside world of having friends, alone? Will she be able to meet someone who will make her heart race? How will her mother (as Thomas) will guide her daughter in the life she wasn’t introduced in? A little slice of enjoyment will be seen as a peek to heaven while Mary’s mother strives to come back to her daughter for she have so many regrets for not protecting her daughter enough, and how Lily (The Angel), helped her getting back in to life as Thomas (Mary’s cat) and who will they be meeting that fulfill her wish to continue protecting her daughter (Mary).

Alyanna Ongoco

Story 26:

That’s why Mary’s mother’s spirit still lingers here on earth even though she’s already dead. She couldn’t leave Mary until she knows that her daughter would be having a great life. Mary sometimes visits her grandma but as always she is not welcome. Mary’s grandma named Leila felt miserable and disheartened when her daughter died. She regretted it that she wasn’t able to mend their relationship and not being able to tell her the truth. One day, Mary went the cemetery because it is her mother’s death anniversary. When she reached the cemetery Mary saw a man standing in front of her mother’s grave that looked like her dead father?!!!

Angel lou Ometer

Story 42:

Although Mary’s life was harsh, with no father and now no mother, Mary never did bear a grudge against anyone for her slot in life. Mary was a hard-worker, but never particularly skilled in the academics. Her college degree landed her a mediocre job as an elementary mathematics teacher, but with the economy going so awful she recently was laid-off. One thing Mary had going for her though was her insane luck with games and a knack for probability. She’s noticed it since high school, whenever she played card games with her friends she’s always come out on top. A job as a casino card dealer is never safe, but now that it has come to this, unemployment with no family to lean on, it might be her best option. Recently Mary has gone job hunting and she’s finally landed an interview with one of the richest casinos in Las Vegas. Her interview you ask? The task of beating the highest ranked card dealer in a game of Texas Hold’em poker. “It’s do or die” Mary muttered under her breath, as her mouse inched towards the small blue “Accept” button on the screen.

Vy Vu

Story 13:

After mothers death the only reason what kept her alive is her cat Thomas that she loved dearly. But today is extremely painful day. She couldn’t bear the emptiness of her life in this cheerful time of year. She is tired waiting the day when death finally come for her so she decided to embrace the death herself. Climbing to the rooftop she noticed many people who possessed shining smile. “Ah, yeah”, she remembered,” Today is New Year”, but it doesn’t mean anything to her because she didn’t feel hope not even fear from jumping. She closed her eyes and she was ready to free herself from this cruel world but one word change everything “Stop”. She opened eyes and saw handsome man with messy black hair and green eyes like Thomas.

Katarina Vidic

Story 15:

In a desperate attempt to cover up Mary’s existence from the main house her mother cut all ties with her family. While unaware of her mother’s history, and assuming that she had no live relatives little did she know she had in fact been tracked down by her grandma. One night upon entering her apartment after a late night work shift, she find’s a letter that had been slid under her door. As she picked it up she felt the smooth parchment paper that held a creamy tinge. To Maria read the front. Seeing as there was no return address she began to open the letter when without a warning, glaring, bright, white light began to shine out from the torn edge until it fully enveloped her. When she opened her eyes again she was so confused by her surrounds that she could only look around her in bewilderment. She was in a meadow of lush green grass that seemed to be glowing. Giant, brightly colored, glowing flowers scattered across these fields while while behind her a glowing trees as tall as sky scrapers towered above her presence as they seemingly whispered to each other in the wind. Strangely enough, even though the skies were dark and full of stars indicating nighttime, the glowing flora enough to make it seem like daytime on the ground. Not only was the sky dark, but in the night sky were glowing, floating islands with rivers that that seemed to defy gravity flowing through glowing clouds. There were fish too! Glowing fish, that swam though the night sky as if those it was a sea. Tiny glowing lights hovered everywhere, dancing the wind around her. While Mary was so amazed by this foreign land, her mind at the same time could not comprehend what how all see was seeing was possible.
‘Titania Mary, please follow me,’ a deep voice suddenly rang our from behind her. Startled she turned so quickly that she almost stumbled when she came to face a beautiful man. ‘Your Grandmother has been waiting for your arrival.’

Elly Pan

Story 30:

Mary always wonders why her grandmother treated her mother so badly, so she started reading her mother’s diary. It said particularly nothing, but she was happy remembering her memories even she had hard life with her family. When Mary opened the last page, she found phone number with her strange message which her mother left to Mary.

“Please call Thomas. He’s your twin brother.”
“What!? My twin brother? It can’t be possible!” She was so shocked. No one told her about her twin brother. Furthermore her mother knew Mary was going to read this diary.
She remembered her mother brought the cat Thomas three months before her death. “Thomas…same name as our cat… I wonder why she named our cat Thomas. Maybe they kept meeting each other.” Mary sighed when she realized it.
She thought brother Thomas might know something about her mother and her grandmother. So she called at the number …



Stories finals

  • Story 30 - Fujitam (9%, 9 Votes)
  • Story 15 - Elly Pan (6%, 6 Votes)
  • Story 13 - Katarina Vidic (16%, 15 Votes)
  • Story 42 - Vy Vu (10%, 10 Votes)
  • Story 26 - Angel lou Ometer (9%, 9 Votes)
  • Story 35 - Alyanna Ongoco (43%, 41 Votes)
  • Story 45 - Pigpig Doll (6%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 96

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