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Story like from shoujo manga part 1

Hello :)

The story began when I was in high school. There was very popular guy in my school. We were in parallel class. I always saw him with many girls. For me he was a real playboy.


Anyway, I wasn’t interested in him, because in this time I  had someone that I really like.


The second year finished. It was summer.  I went on a sport camp and guess who I met there? Yes, him.



Of course he didn’t recognize me.

It chanced that girls from my room made friends with guys from his room, but we still didn’t talk to each other. It was the last day of camp, I was looking for my friend. I thought that maybe she is in guys room. I went there. Unfortunately, I don’t found her there, there was only him. I asked him did he know where are others, he told me that he had no idea.

itazura_na kiss_


I didn’t wont to disturb him, I wanted to leave…  I planned to come back to my room, when he suddenly asked me about person from my class. I was shocked. He wanted to talk with me.


Anyway, we started talking. At first I thought that he laugh at me,


but later he started to tell more about himself. I had to admit, that it was really nice talk. The camp finished. We didn’t exchange phone number.

The summer finished. Third year began. I met him in school and said: ‘Hi!’, but he ignored me.


He acted as if he didn’t know me. Somehow, I wasn’t sad.

Once I was at party organized by my friend from school.  At this party was also that guy! Of course like always he was with girls. I don’t remember what’s going on, but at some point he was really rude for me, I couldn’t stand it. I told him what I think about him (hm.. i think that word shout will be better in this situation). I told him that he is f***ing  *sh*le and I would never fall in love in guy like him ( sounds familiar ^^ ). He looked really surprised. I bet that I was first girl who humiliate him for all.


Anyway, as in the past I never spoke with him, now he was part of my school life. Next day I meet him in my class, in my desk. He told me that he want to say ‘Hello” to me.

L-dk hello

For now, he comes to my class at each break  and honestly he change my school life, but about it in another post.