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What to do with Raffmanga?

Hello :)

To be honest I have a huge fondness for this website. I love it even more than Mangalator :) Raffmanga.ch is a continuation of my blog and it’s very important for me, because here I had a finger in every pie hehe… that’s why I want to use potential of this website and make something cool. I never tell you, but for a long time I thought about service, where people from all over the world can write article about interesting for them events, manga or anime, but also show how looks manga market in their country (what manga are published,events), they can boast about their manga collection or just wrote about their life :) I planned to do something like this for a long time, but I had no time, because I work every day really hard on Mangalator, maybe it’s a good time to do something new.

Let me know what are you thinking about this idea?