What’s new in this week Feb11
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What’s new in this week

Hello! :)

As you probably know, today I will finally start my short holiday. Because you are always very important for me, last two days I spent working on some Manga.  Below I added some titles that I’ve prepared for you at this time :)

-Liar x Liar

-Ichirei Shitte Kiss

-3D Kanojo

– Ane no Kekkon

-Sleeping Beuty

-Joou no Hana

-Kaze Hikaru

-Shitsuren Chocolatier

-Shiro Ari

-Geten no Hana

-Kore wa Koi no Hanashi

-Teen House

-Honey Bitter

-Good Morning Kiss



All this titles will come up on Raffmanga in this week.

Of course I will try to add another great series ^^ but it all depend on Wi-Fi on my holiday destination 😛